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Cop found a Fugitive

As a Cop

Your job is to hunt down the Fugitives and bring them to justice. It's a dark night out, and they are good at hiding, so you'll have to get them in your flashlight to see them. Luckily you've got your trusty cop car. You can quickly patrol the streets, picking up your fellow cops and dropping them off strategically around the city.

Fugitive hiding

As a Fugitive

You're on the run, but Johnny law is in hot pursuit. You'll have a few seconds head start, stay out of sight! You have to get to the safe zone to escape. But if the Cops see you, you're as good as dead.

Great for LAN parties

Great for LAN parties

Fugitive was designed with LAN parties in mind. The in-game LAN server browser will automatically show you any games on your network.

A simple game

There's not a lot to Fugitive, here's what you need to know.

  • The Cop Car

    Cops have a car they can drive around. Multiple cops can get in the car at once. But be careful to lock the car when you get our, or the Fugitives may steal it!

  • Street Lights

    Fugitives watch out! Street lights will reveal you to cops even if they aren't looking at you!

  • Motion Sensors

    Some houses have motion sensitive lights on them, walking across their drive way will trigger them.

  • Score

    Making it to the safe zone is the best way to score points. Capturing fugitives is okay too, but won't net you as many points.

  • Sprinting

    A short burst of speed, you must stop moving completely for your Stamina to refill. Cops get all their Stamina back just by getting in the car though.

  • Head Start

    Fugitive's get a head start, try to get as far as possible, or trick the cops by hiding close by. It's your choice.

We're Open Source!

Fugitive is completely open source, and made with the awesome Open Source game engine: Godot